I am a traveling Italian illustrator based in an island called Sardinia.
Although my compositions are often very dense, I also create open areas when the work demands fresh air for contemplation or emotional space around the characters.
As well as crafting artwork for magazines, books and digital media outlets, I also develop and deliver workshops to people of all ages in the fields of comics, muralism, character design, and zines.

Awards/Exhibitions: Torino Graphic Days, Autori di Immagini, American Illustration, Pictoplasma Character Portraits, Italianism, 36 Days of Type, Centro Internazionale del Fumetto, Festival Tuttestorie, Gelati Fanzine Festival and more.

Selected Clients: Thomson Reuters Foundation, Vanity Fair, Corriere della Sera, Scoop Magazine, Icon Design, L'Officiel, Sardegna Film Commission, Berlin Feminist Film Week.

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