“Sindrome di Quirra” (Quirra’s Syndrome) is a mural I painted with Luogo Comune during our residency at Campidarte. The work faces the problem of military bases in the island of Sardinia ( who host by itself 60% of the whole military state property) and focus on the story of the PISQ (poligono sperimentale di addestramento interforze). Built in 1956, since 2011 the military base it’s under investigation due to rising of high percentage of cancers in the population and livestock living nearby because of the spilling, disposal and explosion of toxic and radioactive materials inside the area since several years. It’s never been clear what happened through the years; despite protests and investigations the military base its still open and operating! Lambs are born with mutations but still it’s possible to rent the area for 50.000€/h 
We decided to tell about this story because it’s something not very well known outside Sardinia and also inside the island it’s difficult topic to talk about.